Answer common questions about CNC tools


1. What is the relatively high rotational speed of the tool handle

The common tool shank of CNC tools has not been subject to dynamic balance test, so the rotating speed of the common tool shank cannot exceed 8000 rpm. At present, in the machining industry, the relatively high speed of ordinary machining centers is no more than 10000 rpm, and the actual speed used is 70% - 80% of the relatively high speed, so our ordinary tool handle can meet the processing needs of ordinary machining centers. NC tool manufacturer 

2. How about the accuracy of the tool handle

The CNC tool handle has been fully inspected three times before leaving the NC tool manufacturer, and the clamping accuracy can reach the BT handle precision of standard bar with four times of diameter runout not exceeding 0.015mm7/24, which exceeds the AT4 standard and is close to the AT3 standard. Some Taiwan brands are also produced according to the relatively low standard AT5.

3. What is the clamping force of the tool handle
The relatively large torque of the CNC tool handle can reach 250N/M, and the relatively large torque provided by the ordinary BT40 spindle is 150-160N/M, so the clamping force of the force tool handle can ensure the processing requirements, and there will be no tool drop.

4. The cutter bar outer diameter and end face runout are large
Confirm whether the blade model meets our requirements. Before leaving the factory, the CNC cutter bar or cutter head are tested with standard zero-tolerance blades, and the runout is strictly controlled within 0.02mm. The main reason for the large run-out in actual machining is that most of the blades used in the industry are ordinary blades with M-level tolerance, and the tolerance of the blades is large. As a result, the tool bar runout is out of tolerance.

5. Poor finish of cutter head milling surface
Whether the cutting parameters are reasonable, confirm whether the used blade corresponds to the processed material, and whether the end face runout of the cutter head is out of tolerance.

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